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Cloud Storage, or Storage-as-a-Service, is usually the entry into Cloud Computing for most. It offers shared infrastructure outside your data center to store primary and/or backup data. Popular solutions in this category include Carbonite, EMC Mozy, and Intronis.

Some of the hottest Cloud Computing Storage Solutions today:

3X Systems
The Remote Backup Appliance (RBA) from 3X Systems serves as encrypted backup. PCs can automatically find the 3X RBA to do their backups, making it a mini private storage cloud.

Asigra provides WAN-optimized software to help customers leverage public and/or private clouds through a single interface  for remote data protection and archiving.

Axcient offers a hybrid cloud storage model that includes a combination of a storage appliance and Internet-based storage service that lets customers back data up both locally for fast restores and online for safe archiving.

Carbonite is a pioneer in online backup and the first to offer unlimited backups for a fixed price of $55 a year.

Build a cloud storage infrastructure by plugging a USB  key onto multiple industry-standard servers.

The company’s CloudPlug is a full-fledged Linux-based appliance about the size of an AC  adapter which plugs into a power outlet, a router, and a PC to automatically handle backups to a cloud-based storage provider without the need for additional hardware or software.

Doyenz’s Automated Virtual IT platform can help solution providers build virtual appliances for low-cost disaster recovery, failover and data migration.The company allows the building and testing of virtual appliances using VMware’s ESXi server  virtualization software, which can then be deployed in minutes on managed hosted infrastructure from players such as Savvis or Rackspace.

EFolder helps SMB  solution providers offer cloud-based storage and e-mail archiving. The company also lets its solution providers offer a hybrid cloud storage offering which includes a local disk-based backup appliance for fast restores while connecting that appliance to the cloud for remote backups.

EMC’s Mozy online backup offering, which it acquired in late 2007, still remains one of the most popular cloud-based backup offerings.

The company offers a full range of cloud storage services through partners, such as data protection, e-mail archiving, electronic discovery and retention management tools, including data restoration, migration, and erasure.

IBM’s Smart Business Storage Cloud is a private cloud service that supports multiple petabytes of data and billions of files. It is based on IBM’s blade  server and XIV storage technologies.

Intronis Online Backup enables partners to offer their own branded cloud storage service.

Mezeo Software
Mezeo provides software that lets IT hosters, SaaS providers, MSPs, telcos and ISPs develop cloud-based storage for customers and resellers.

Reldata develops technology that consolidates iSCSI  SAN, NAS  and WAN  into a single unified storage offering that solution providers can use to help customers build private storage clouds.

Robobak provides automated agentless data backup technology for remote and branch offices, giving managed service providers and traditional solution providers tools to help build cloud-based Storage-as-a-Service.

Symantec offers two cloud-based backup services. For businesses, Symantec offers the Symantec Protection Network, which solution providers can resell to customers.

Symform’s Cooperative Storage Cloud breaks a copy  of a customer’s backup into 64-MB blocks, scrambles those blocks with AES-256 encryption, fragments those blocks into 1-MB fragments, adds 32 1-MB parity fragments for redundancy, and then scatters those 96 fragments to cloud storage nodes around the world.

Vembu StoreGrid, which enables solution providers to quickly build their own branded storage cloud, now lets MSPs resell storage services through smaller reseller partners who do not have the ability to manage Storage-as-a-Service on their own but who have customers requiring the service.

Zenith InfoTech
Zenith Infotech provides solution providers the technology to offer managed services, virtual help desk and disaster recovery to SMB customers.

Zetta develops technology to help solution providers build a cloud-based storage infrastructure that can replace an SMB’s primary storage hardware.

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