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Businesses use Birst to extract data from multiple sources, build data warehouses and author reports.

Callidus Software
Callidus seeks to do for sales compensation management what Saleforce.com has done for CRM.

Google Apps
Google Apps, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint alternative made great break throught in 2009 when the city of LA signed up for a $7m deal.

InContact’s broad product line includes interactive voice response and automatic call distribution software, computer telephony integration, and even call center workforce management tools.

ERP for the SMB market, directly competing with Netsuite.

MyDials focuses on providing users with operational performance management dashboards that display key performance indicators (KPIs) and other visual metrics. With a strong presence in manufacturing, the vendor is working with channel partners who can develop useful KPIs for their clients. MyDials 3.0 offers new “what-if” scenario and problem analysis capabilities, as well as the ability to connect to a wider range of operational ERP, CRM and supply chain management applications.

ERP applications were once developed by big companies (think Oracle and SAP) for big companies. NetSuite is ERP for the SMB market.

Oracle CRM
Oracle offers both Oracle CRM On Demand, the SaaS version of the Siebel product, and Oracle Siebel CRM, an on-premise application.

Business Intelligence in the Cloud.

QlikView uses an “in-memory, associative approach” to data analysis, allowing the software to access and analyze data in real time.

Salesforce has sought to solidify its position as a SaaS/cloud computing leader with its Force.com platform and infrastructure tools for developing and running cloud computing applications.

SAS Institute
The $2 billion behemoth is a leader in business intelligence and analytical software, providing software from basic reporting to complex data analysis.

SugarCRM began making Sugar Community Edition available for developers on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, allowing ISVs and in-house developers who build on SugarCRM to leverage the cloud for their development, testing and deployment chores.

Zlago offers SMBs packages of hosted applications, including desktop, e-mail, backup, security, data storage and other business applications.

Zoho offers 21 cloud applications ranging from word processing and spreadsheets to CRM and project management.

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