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A true CIO is a business leader who will not just help but force the organization to make better use of IT.  With the leadership of a CIO your business can achieve Operational Excellence by recognizing IT as a business enabler, helping audit your IT processes and bring IT strategic vision aligned to your business objectives. The CIO role serves as the link between your company vision and the implementation of the strategy via technology.





Verta Lynx Services:
Our Interim or Part-time CIO offerings will deliver IT Governance, IT Strategy Planning, and Quarterly IT Review.
Verta Lynx conduct sessions with your business team to map out a strategic IT plan, ensuring IT can and will support your goals. In addition, Verta Lynx CIOs will form a IT Steering Committee to ensure IT projects are on track and aligned to your business strategy.



CIO Business Review: Learn how IT can better support your business objectives.


CIO On Demand: Receive expert advise from someone who knows your business.


CIO Quarterly Business Review: Receive dedicated IT leadership.


CIO Interim & Part-Time: Need a CIO to manage a enterprise implementation or  act as IT Leader while hiring a new CIO.

Why You Need CIO Services
  • A CIO's executive-level leadership skills are important to keep a growing IT department efficient
  • CIOs have experience developing strategic, long-term IT plans
  • As a member of the executive team, CIOs are better able to overcome internal resistance to new technologies


When You Need CIO Services

"A strategic technology thinker is an enabler of growth, and the opposite is also true: The lack of such a thinker is an inhibitor of growth."

  • Your IT department is falling behind
  • You lack a strategic IT plan
  • IT isn't contributing to innovation
  • You're struggling with internal resistance to change
  • You're outgrowing your critical systems
  • IT dollars are being spent inefficiently
  • Regulatory requirements are being violated  




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What Our CIO Team Offers:
IT Governance
IT Strategy Planning

Quarterly Business Review

Interim CIO
Part-Time CIO
Vendor Management
Disaster Recovery
Regulatory Requirements
Project Management
Policy and Procedures


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